If you are in the drug rehab industry, you need a marketing company who knows the industry and specializes in marketing drug rehab facilities. At COHN Media, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the drug rehab industry, our experience in the drug rehab marketing space, and our ability to leverage rehabilitation facility programs and services on digital platforms.


We have the long standing experience you need in the drug and alcohol rehab marketing space and can help you grow your drug rehab business.

Our goal is to work with your team to highlight your drug rehab facility and services, showcasing your strengths to cut through the crowded, noisy drug rehab marketing landscape.


We have extensive experience working to help clients with strategic marketing plans, digital execution, custom website design, controlling their messaging on social media, and more. Once the strategic model has been developed, our comprehensive team of marketing specialists, graphic designers, videographers, web developers and social media managers come together to help you meet those goals.

While Others Talk, Cohn Media Delivers.

Seasoned On-Line Marketing/SEO Veterans, Lead Generation and E-Commerce Websites, Social Media & Substance Abuse Rehab Industry Consulting.


More web traffic would be great, right?  It’s the driving force for generating leads.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Custom Content Creation are just a few key tactics for increasing traffic.


Beautiful (and informative) landing pages, standout calls-to-action (CTAs), interactive designs, and simple lead capture forms are a few elements we use to help our clients convert more traffic to leads


Our marketing platform delivers demand generation and lead nurturing.  Our interactive website designs, strategically placed calls-to-action, and custom content turn site traffic into successful conversions.

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