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If you do a lousy job running your business, or dont spend ample time getting reviews for your GMB profile, Google will not want to refer search traffic to you. People go to Google to solve their problems – they will avoid displaying your listings in the local pack without great reviews and a lot of them! What is the local pack ? (Click link)

The number of reviews also plays a pivotal role. It’s easy to have a 5-star rating if only 3 people left a review. If you have numerous 4-5 star reviews, which increases your sample size, there’s a great chance you’ll eventually be in the local pack. We not only use trusted, vetted and professional Reputation Management techniques that focus on attaining real reviews from your customers, we also add them on your GMB Profile as well as platforms such as Yelp, Linked-in and Facebook. These are usually Google Tour Guide Accounts,  leaving legitimate, real reviews for your business – and a lot of them. Reviews that stick and get you into the local pack!

Reviews are what drives interested people to your website and ultimately leads to more clients and increased revenue. In today’s age, its a fact that 92% of consumers do not go past the Google My Business Profiles, directly under the ads section on a Google search. That means your business needs to pop up 1, 2 or 3 in the Google maps / profile section on the search results. Its simple, the more reviews and the better your rating is, the higher your business will pop up in search results and the more likely you’ll get that consumer to call you.  That’s where Cohn Media steps in!

We have trusted, vetted and professional Reputation Management associates that focus a majority of their work on attaining real reviews from your customers and adding them on review platforms such as Yelp, Google and Facebook. These are real accounts and people leaving legitimate reviews for your business. Reviews that stick and drive traffic!

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Seasoned On-Line Marketing & SEO Veterans, Lead Generation and E-Commerce Website Designers & Social Media Experts.


More web traffic would be great, right?  It’s the driving force for generating leads.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Strong Backlinks and Custom Content Creation are just a few of our key tactics for increasing your traffic.


Beautiful and informative landing pages, High quality Guest Posts with superior backlinks, keyword software program for precise keyword execution, standout calls-to-action (CTAs), interactive designs, and simple lead capture forms are a few elements we use to help our clients convert more traffic to leads.


Our marketing platform delivers high demand lead generation and traffic to your website.  Our interactive website designs, strategically placed calls-to-action, and custom SEO-optimized content turns site traffic into successful conversions.

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